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Brand Glue work: Rita Farhi brand guidelines

Rita Farhi

Rita Farhi

Brand Glue have great attention to detail and a fantastic creative and design eye that has really helped move the Rita Frahi brand on to the next stage. They helped me bring structure and logic to my brand and I now see them as a safe pair of hands who care about my brand as much as I do. I highly recommended them.

Michael Farhi, Owner

The brief:

We were asked to pinpoint what the brand stands for and set out how it should look, feel and sound going forward then develop a home page design for the web.

Rita Farhi is an established gourmet gift and confectionary brand. To match growth ambitions the owners wanted to radically overhaul their website with an e-commerce facility using their web build partners Firehorse.

The brand was also becoming more difficult to manage, with more products, packaging colours and variants plus stores like John Lewis and Selfridges stocking the products and demanding their own packaging. Brand Glue were asked to set the brand up for the next stage of growth with brand guidelines and create a design concept for the new website.

What we did:

We got to know the business! Where it started, its history, the products and all the brand and design elements that had gone into making the Rita Farhi brand successful.

We then used a series of meetings and Brand Glue questionnaires to tease out and suggest how the brand should work and be guidelined going forward. The web design process included a thorough briefing on the content and main aims before we outlined concepts, with the chosen design refined until everyone was happy.

The results:

A new set of brand guidelines have set out the look, tone and feel of the brand going forward, advising on colour, imagery, logo use and variations and selection of a consistently used font. These are being used now to guide new packaging and promotional activities.

They also informed development of a new home page design.


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