Rebranding is a serious change. We can help review, question and advise to ensure the decision is the right one. We can set a new direction, and check decisions with your customers via research.

Then we can help you implement a successful rebranding strategy with:

  • Naming: ideas for new names and web addresses
  • Brand positioning for your new brand
  • A communications plan to explain ‘why’ to your customers and audiences
  • New designs: corporate ID and logo, marketing materials

Or, we can refresh your brand. Many businesses start, grow and become successful based on a logo and design that starts to look a bit tired or ‘cheap and cheerful’.

It’s at this point that a brand refresh can deliver huge benefits to ensure the business continues to grow. A stronger logo and more professional design can really help position your business as an established and successful brand with new customers.

We are experts in getting to a more professional and grown up looking brand, without throwing away the heritage and awareness you’ve built up.