Rebranding – EEasy if you know how

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Rebranding can work if done for the right reasons, with the right strategy and execution behind it. Here we take a look at EE to see what we can learn.

EE Rebranding

Everything Everywhere becomes EE

There used to be a time when the future was bright and the future was Orange. And, you could also ensure that life was for sharing… as long as it was in a train station with lots of people joining a flash-mob dance scene with T-Mobile phones.

Then they joined forces to form the biggest 3G network in the UK, calling themselves Everything Everywhere but still retaining quite a bit of the old Orange and T-Mobile branding. It felt a bit messy and ‘Everything Everywhere’ felt a bit, well, like someone had thrown everything and anything at the naming strategy. But there was a rebranding master-plan.

Sound reasons to rebrand

This was a business that was rebranding for a good reason, merging companies, creating a size and scale that should/would create a better service. That’s a sound reason for a rebrand. People can see the logic.

After all, not many people like change, and many might have been quite attached to their old Orange and T-Mobile brand. However brands that change their name to hide poor service, poor products and a lack of ideas usually get found out if they simply change the logo.

Back up a rebrand with big actions

Timing is everything and EE was rather clever when making the major announcements about their new brand. They are the first network able to launch super-fast 4G services, which got instant coverage from the press. Hey presto instant coverage of the new name and the new identity is already intrinsically linked to class leading services and download speeds. It all just knits together nicely.

Execute seamlessly

The new identity looks good too. Bright colours that are being used single-mindedly to help cement the new look quickly.

EE rebrand

Using the new brand cleverly – 4GEE

The colour selection is clever too. Still bright, modern and fresh but with no links to the old orange, black and pink of the old brands so ties to the old ways are being severed cleverly. Plus they are unique within the market, so the standout versus the red and blue of Vodafone and O2 will differentiate the brand.

There are clever touches too, all helping to get recognition as quickly as possible. 4G services are called ‘4GEE’ – it all helps. The new website is clear, modern and fresh – and (sorry) EEasy to navigate.

Stores on the High Street are also being changed to the new identity – so the execution is being well-timed and completed with minimum confusion. Plus, there’s a benefit – more stores than ever for the customer to go in and get what they need.

The result

From the outside looking in it looks pretty good. It’s a forwards step and I already understand what the brand is about. And given the 4GEE coup and the fact that it all looks pretty cool, I’ve gone from being ‘never consider’ to ‘tempted to switch’. And that can only be regarded as a successful rebrand.

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