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Get people to understand the ABRSM brand

developed for ABRSM

  • Brand Glue has worked with me and an executive team to define, organise and present our brand in a way that can easily be understood by our people worldwide. They’ve made the complex simple with their positioning model, adding great thinking and ideas to ensure we make the most of our brand going forward. Sarah and John have been nothing but professional and it’s a pleasure working with them.

    Tony Pinkham, Corporate Marketing Manager

  • ABRSM is the exam board of The Royal Schools of Music and has been setting exams since 1889. It’s a global operation with over 150 employees, 700 examiners and 600 representatives working on its behalf to ensure that candidates and teachers are offered the best exam and administrative support, thereby maintaining its global reputation as the world’s leading music exam board.

    The brand and corporate marketing team at ABRSM had identified the need for greater brand clarity across the organisation. Taking into account the organisation’s complex structure, and a recent change to its corporate strategy, the team was concerned that the brand, internal understanding of it and consistency were holding it back.

    We were hired to apply our brand consultancy thinking and positioning model to bring clarity to all of the above in a simple, one-page snapshot.

  • We spent lots of time with ABRSM’s brand and research teams, as well as members of its directorate to get to the heart of the brand. We:

    • Used a ‘download’ day to run through ABRSM’s research, messaging and marketing collateral and previous brand work
    • Designed a workshop with the group to tease out the issues

    With lots (and lots!) of information we set about crafting thoughts into our one-page positioning model, showing:

    • Internal and external factors and insights affecting the brand
    • Beliefs and what sets ABRSM apart
    • Personality and tone of voice
    • The brand glue and story that holds the ABRSM brand together

    The model, words and brand story were then presented, discussed and tweaked until the team at ABRSM were happy.

    With the detail agreed we then set about communicating the new brand positioning to employees:

    • We developed and ran a Tone of Voice workshop with members of the marketing team
    • Designed¬†posters and an internal campaign to communicate key parts of the positioning in an engaging, impactful way

  • Client - ABRSM
  • Skills/Tools Used - Audit, brand workshop, tone of voice workshop, design, copywriting