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Develop a brand name and logo design

developed for Sproggle

  • We are absolutely delighted with Brand Glue, they really ‘get us’ and take time to really understand our business – so they have produced great work as a consequence. They are very responsive and easy to deal with, which has made getting great design and thinking from them a pleasure.

    Owners, Sproggle

  • Sproggle was a start-up business, aimed at providing mother and baby products for busy professionals.

    The directors wanted us to create a brand that reflected a quick search for products around the baby product theme, starting with a name and then a new logo design and brand identity.

  • We got the baby bonnet thinking caps on and started thinking names. Sproggle was born, and then tested with mother and toddler groups by the Sproggle directors. Everyone loved it.

    With the name agreed we moved to the logo design and stationery, using a baby theme. With the core brand identity agreed we went on to create promotional materials (stickers, packaging labels, promotional postcards).

  • Client - Sproggle
  • Skills/Tools Used - Naming, logo design, graphic design