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Create new logos and prospectus designs

developed for Noadswood School

  • The advice and direction Brand Glue gave us on our logo and house system has had a massive impact. The new house logos and re-worked school logo are now used on all kinds of items to really make the house system an integral part of the school and look like a proper family. Our new school prospectus designs look great too, and have delivered the bespoke design feel we wanted. Brand Glue took great care over the whole project, which we are delighted with.

    Sarah Staley

  • Noadswood school in Hampshire needed to update its look and feel with design that would reflect the excellent standards and results it has been achieving. The school wanted to:

    • Refresh the school logo
    • Create all new house logos
    • Re-design their school prospectus

  • Noadswood decided on the school shield icon that would be used consistently in the future, then we set about showing how the logo could be used with and without a wordmark with a choice of fonts. We also looked at the core brand colours, updating the black to a more modern grey.

    We recommended making the house icons a more consistent set with wordmarks to identify each house. With this agreed we designed new options building on the existing ideas and creating a strong set of icons that all pupils could identify with.

    We then went on to create a new prospectus design, with a new main school prospectus and a Year 7 Pupil targeted prospectus called Clued Up. For Clued Up we worked differently, taking ideas and content generated by Noadswood’s own pupils.

  • Client - Noadswood School
  • Skills/Tools Used - Graphic design, logo design