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Create a new brand for a boutique tax advisory

developed for Rosetta Tax

  • We are thrilled with the terrific job Brand Glue did for us. Starting up a new business, brand identity is really important, and John and the team were responsive, proactive and great to work with. The quality of what they have produced speaks for itself and we have been getting loads of really positive feedback from everyone who has seen the website.

    Linda Adelson, Founding Partner

  • Our brief was to create a new brand and identity suitable for a professional business, giving it a premium feel that would be able to compete with established competitors.

    We also needed to create a very bespoke looking feel to the new website, avoiding clich├ęd business and lawyer scenarios for imagery, whilst also linking back to the origins of the brand name.

    The Rosetta Tax name was inspired by the Rosetta Stone, which not only provided the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs but also recorded the grant of a tax exemption for priests. The company place huge empahsis on demystifying the complexities of tax law for their clients – we had to bring it to life on the web.

  • First we got to grips with how the new brand should look, feel and sound using a Brand Glue questionnaire. After creating the logo we flowed this through to business cards and a letterhead.

    We then mapped the structure and functionality of the new website. Once the new brand identity was agreed, we looked at the creative style, agreeing a bespoke illustration design. We then:

    • Drew rough illustrations and messaging for the homepage banner, designed to link closely to the Rosetta Stone/hieroglyphs theme, which were illustrated once agreed
    • Edited web copy/content for keywords and created basic meta data for SEO
    • Agreed a colour palette
    • Used the web as inspiration for a PowerPoint presentation template
    • Created a 4 page brochure design
    • Built the site!

  • Client - Rosetta Tax
  • Skills/Tools Used - logo design, stationery design, brochure design, web design
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