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Cost effective design for Coca Cola Enterprises

developed for Coca-Cola-Enterprises

  • We wanted to make sure our Leadership conference was different, losing death by PowerPoint and using highly impactful tools to drive home key messages. Brand Glue turned around giant posters and 3 films for the event quickly and without fuss. More importantly, the work was creatively done and perfect for the event and audience, with many of the top team from around Europe wanting copies to take back to show their people. Brilliant.

    Shanna Wendt, Communications Director

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises need creative thinking and cost effective design.

    We have delivered numerous design and video production jobs since starting work with CCE in 2009 for projects like management conferences, internal communications and important strategic programmes to promote Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

  • Graphic Design: A set of factsheets with a clear, impactful design that meet corporate design guidelines covering 17 versions in different languages for all of CCE’s European territories.

    Conferences: 4m high posters to convey the major programmes being launched and bring impactful outdoor media to an indoor conference. We have also filmed at several conferences across Europe to create short ‘wrap-up’ films to show highlights and vox-pop interviews.

    Internal communications video production: Created and filmed short videos for Coca-Cola Enterprises’ internal communications campaign to promote Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Given themes for each film, we created storyboards and filmed each subject in locations across Europe – with edits in several languages.

  • Client - Coca-Cola-Enterprises
  • Skills/Tools Used - Leaflet design, poster design