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Brand consultancy to develop a clear brand positioning

developed for Shilling

  • Brand Glue really helped us get under the skin of what makes us, us. Their approach was professional yet engaging, giving us confidence to allow them to speak to our clients and prospects. All of their recommendations allowed us to delve deeper into the creative process to discover our new corporate identity, make our brand experience stronger and our people united behind a clear brand vision. What we have now represents the true ‘experience’ of SHILLING. Brilliant.

    Ben Reynolds, Director

  • Shilling is a communications agency based in Liss, Hampshire, who specialise in employee communications. They’re a highly successful agency, widely regarded as the leader in pension communications.

    Their plan going forward was to actively promote Shilling’s wider employee engagement services, and not just its pension communication work.

    To execute this business plan successfully, Shilling needed brand consultancy to:

    • Develop a clear brand strategy and positioning to support their business plan
    • Look at the physical as well as emotional aspects of the brand

  • With the business being at such an important stage, and with so many factors affecting the future direction of the brand we recommended a brand consultancy approach that would really uncover the detail required:

    • Immersion session to review business strategy and research studies
    • Group discussions with all the people at Shilling
    • Workshop with the directors and brand team
    • 1:1 with Shilling’s founder
    • Phone interviews with customers and prospects

    We also completed a detailed audit of Shilling communications and promotions alongside a competitor analysis. All of these separate elements gave us what we needed to recommend:

    • A new, wider employee engagement brand positioning to support the business plan, whilst also maintaining the pension communication specialism
    • New tone of voice and personality
    • A one page brand model that tells the brand story that everyone in the business can use to ensure behaviours, actions, design and communications are on brand
    • The design brief to change the identity (in an evolutionary way) and look at the colour palette and fonts to modernise the brand
    • Dropping ‘Communications’ from the name and simply be know as Shilling, but keep and make use of the story behind how the Shilling company was started

    Our approach to tackling the design work was simple: use the creative brains and talent at Shilling. So rather than us doing the design work we briefed in a Shilling Special Forces team to work on the brand identity, colour palette, stationery and promotional materials including website.

  • Client - Shilling
  • Skills/Tools Used - Audit, research, brand workshop, brand positioning