• JamesCowper

Brand audit for James Cowper accountants

developed for James Cowper Kreston

  • A really useful piece of work that the Partners could listen to with confidence. The approach, research and findings really helped us progress with the initiative safe in the knowledge that we will have our customers on side.

    Andy Cowie, Marketing & Business Development Director

  • James Cowper is a leading accountancy and business advice firm. With offices throughout the South of the country, as well as membership of an international network, the company is positioned perfectly to provide local, national and international advice.

    It was the international aspect of James Cowper’s business, and membership of the Kreston network of global independent accountancy firms that prompted a need for review. With the Kreston brand separate from the James Cowper identity, yet more and more customers with a global requirement, the company partners wanted to:

    • Get direct feedback on the strength of the James Cowper brand from customers
    • Decide if the Kreston identity and international positioning could be integrated safely
    • Understand reaction to different brand design options

  • Given the customer view was vital we recommended a brand audit using phone interviews and pre-sent stimulus materials to assess new brand identity options.

    The findings were presented back, with clear recommendations on:

    • The perceptions and strengths that make the James Cowper brand stand out and successful
    • The hierarchy within any new identity to ensure the James Cowper brand is perceived as the driving force
    • How the integration of the Kreston brand would be perceived, and the need for communication to all customers if changes were made
    • The strength of the existing James Cowper identity, together with the importance of colour in maintaining its influence in any new design

    With these findings the Partners could create a brief for the new identity design and a communications plan with confidence.

  • Client - James Cowper Kreston
  • Skills/Tools Used - Brand Audit, Research