Love your brand – a New Year resolution

posted on January 8th 2013 in Brand guidelines & Branding & Logo design with 1 Comments

Brands get neglected and aren’t often thought about in detail. But strong brands succeed. So we think there’s one important New Year’s resolution for your business – love your brand.

In loving your brand and spending time on it you’ll be setting your business up for a stronger year. To love it though you need to spend time assessing how your brand is performing. Maybe even getting some expertise to help make what you have work harder. Here are a few areas to look at:

1. Lazy logos

If you are still living with a logo that was created cheaply at business start-up, or it’s looking a bit old fashioned it could be time to refresh. It may even be the case that your logo just isn’t standing out or working in the environments you’re placing it in.

Logos that look crafted have a sense of gravitas, and make customers more confident with the brand they are dealing with. If it’s got meaning great – your brand will look clever and well thought through.

Customers will also notice if it lacks stand out, or looks weak in the environments it’s placed. So if your logo is looking a bit shabby, it’s time for a refresh.

2. What does your brand say?

What your brand stands for is vital. It’s probably one of the most important things to get right about your business. Your brand story needs to resonate, make sense and look strong when compared to the competition.

A confusing or ill-thought through brand positioning just means all your communications and messaging are based on a flawed story. Know what you stand for, and stop the confusion! Or you’ll just sound like Grandad after a few too many whiskys at New Year.

3. Consistency

If you love your brand you’ll take a look around and see how it shapes up in the physical form. Does it look up to date? Do all of the marketing materials you spend money on get consistently produced?

If there are inconsistencies with image styles, colours, logos, fonts and layouts, your brand will look confused and a mess, plus people may not make a link between separate bits of your activity if they don’t look the same.

It looks shabby too, and your customers may think they’ll get shabby service from you. Think like a New Year wardrobe change and get some items updated so your look is consistently great.

So, love your brand in 2013. It will love you back with more customers.

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