Brand Audit

If you need an external view of your brand, or powerful insight from your customers, we can deliver a brand audit that gives answers. The strongest brands regularly take a long hard look at what their customers think, and how their design and communications are performing.

We can look at all, or just some of these dynamics:

  • Visual aspects, design styles and brand consistency
  • Messaging and the way your brand speaks
  • Services, brand experience and positioning
  • The media channels you’re using (or not)
  • Differentiators and whether your brand stands out

We can interview your customers to get insightful and honest feedback for your brand audit. And, we can audit your competition so you get a clear picture across different dynamics on how your brand performs and how it compares.

With our research experience we can interpret your own research data if you have it. Whatever dynamics we assess, every brand audit we complete is wrapped up with insightful recommendations and direction to make your brand stronger.